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    36V 10.4Ah

    Samsung cells Lithium battery for the following models...

    Replacement battery for:

    Metro E
    Metro SE
    Metro Ti

    Comes complete with rear integrated light.

    Includes shipping to Canada, & USA (not including Alaska or Hawaii)


    Batteries are often compared based on capacity - Amp hours (Ah). However, a comparison based on capacity alone does not properly depict a battery since the performance of a battery pack is also based on battery voltage (V). The best way to compare battery performance is by looking at the amount of energy that can be used in watt-hours (Wh). Wh take into account both the capacity of the battery, as well as the average voltage during discharge. Simply put, the higher the V/Ah, the higher Wh range.

    This Samsung cell 18650, 36V battery has a 10.4Ah capacity, supplying 375Wh of power.


    Free shipping is available on all iGO bikes and batteries to Canada & USA (not including Alaska or Hawaii)