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    Elite II

    Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2 Elite 2

    An electrifying ride goes 2.0!

    Slip through the new iGO Elite 2‘s Ergofit aluminium comfort frame, settle onto the saddle, key in your electric pedal assist and you’re going places – up to 80km* thanks to the 48V lithium-ion battery and 500W motor.

    You’re also going in safety and style, with LED lights, disc brakes, puncture protection tires and dual cargo racks.

    Diagnostic electronics & frame integrated Electronics Access Port makes service a breeze. Oh, and did we mention how good you’ll look riding your new iGO Elite 2? 

    The new iGO Elite 2 electric bike is loaded with standard features such as a powerful 500W hub motor, 9 levels of electric power assist, on demand throttle, and 48V, 13Ah lithium-ion battery with 624Wh of capacity. Its unique Ergofit low step comfort frame ergonomically adjusts to anyone from 5 ft. tall to over 6 ft. and incorporates a front cargo rack, as well as a rear pannier ready cargo rack with bungee included. LCD multifunction display with unique on board diagnostic capabilities, along with iGO’s new Electronics Access Port which uncovers the controller and wiring, provides a new level of serviceability by just about anyone. If an issue should arise, the onboard diagnostics will display an error code pointing to the problem. Simply uncover the new easy access electronic port and change any plug in electrical part in minutes without the need of an electrical technician. Shimano 8-speed derailleur, disc brakes, fenders, front & rear, LCD lighting and much more.

    Frame & Comfort

    The lightweight Elite 2 frame is made from 6061 aluminum alloy.

    More than just a beautiful new look this redesigned  step throughmonocoque box frame has increased rigidity for an enhanced feel and an array of safety features allowing you to ride to the max while ensuring you are in full control at all times.

    The Ergofit design provides less obstruction while mounting & dismounting, and in conjunction with its tooless multi adjustable stem and seat configuration offers an extremely ergonomic and comfortable riding position to anyone from 5ft tall to over 6ft.

    Fork & Tires

    The SUNTOUR NEX Suspension with quick release skewer is perfect to level out bumpy road.

    The Elite 2 is equipped with SCHWALBE Energizer Plus 700x38C ebike specific tires with Greenguard 5 puncture resistance, ADDIX e tech compound and reflective side walls.

    Diagnostic & Serviceability System

    Usability is a key feature of the new iGO Elite 2 at every level. From the full diagnostic display that keeps you informed of the status of your bike at all times, to the newly engineered ‘iGO Electronics Access Port’ which provides access to electrical components requiring no technical knowledge or non standard equipment for simple home servicing and maintenance.

    The mechanical and electrical components have been developed so that anyone who can turn a screwdriver will be able to look after this bike. Should you require any guidance or reassurance iGO’s team of technicians are only a call or email away and are happy to ensure your bike is always in its optimum condition.

    LCD Display & Anytime On Demand Throttle

    The Elite 2 is equipped with an LCD backlit multi-functional display offering speedometer, odometer, trip timer and battery voltage display with self-diagnostic functions.

    The light touch array on the display provides instant control over the pedal assist functions allowing you to stay fully in control and adapt to changes in terrain. Choose the “0” assistance mode for full use of the multifunctional display and lighting, while riding as a conventional non electric bike. Utilize power assist levels 1-9 to select your preferred  level of power magnified pedaling for any given situation.

    While engaged in assist levels 1-9 the On Demand Thumb Throttle will be available to give a boost of power if and when needed.

    500W Hi-torque Geared Hub Motor

    The 500W geared brushless hub motor is extremely quiet and offers great hill climbing ability. It will provide up to 32km/h (20mph) and is more than capable of carrying loads on both the front & rear racks while offering responsive immediate power.

    Shimano 8-speed & Disc Brakes

    Equipped with an 8-speed derailleur & trigger shifter for excellent gearing range. Great stopping power from the Tektro Aries disc brakes, front & rear with 180mm rotors.

    Features included as standard

    Front & Rear LED (powered by main battery), Front & Rear Fenders, Front & Rear Cargo Rack, Kickstand, Front & Rear 

    Wheel Reflectors, Tool Kit


    SHIFTERS SHIMANO Rapidfire 8-speed shifter
    DERAILLEUR SHIMANO Altus 8-speed
    BRAKES Tektro Aries disc front & rear with 180mm rotors
    STEM PROMAX tooless adjustable theadless
    SEAT POST iGO Alloy Seat Post
    SADDLE iGO Comfort Suspension - Black
    FRAME iGO 6061 Alloy step through monocoque box frame design for increased rigidity
    FORK SUNTOUR NEX Suspension with quick release skewer
    FRAME SIZE ERGOFIT frame accommodates a rider from 5ft to over 6ft
    SEAT HEIGHT 80cm-100cm (31.5”-39.5”)
    TIRES SCHWALBE Energizer Plus 700x38C ebike specific tires with Greenguard 5 puncture resistance, ADDIX e tech compound and reflective side walls
    RIMS 700C 28˝ Dual Wall Alloy
    MOTOR 500W geared Hi Torque brushless rear hub motor
    DISPLAY UNIT LCD Backlit with Self-Diagnostic, Battery Status, Light Switch, Main Power, Power-assist Mode Selector, Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Timer
    BATTERY TYPE 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery (can be charged on or off bike)
    VOLTAGE 48
    BATTERY Ah 13
    RANGE 80km / 50mi *
    POWER ASSIST 9 Levels of power assisted pedalling
    THROTTLE Any time on demand thumb throttle
    BATTERY CHARGER 120/240V iGO Smart Charger, LED status ,UL, 2A
    BIKE WEIGHT: 20.9 kg (46 lbs) w/o battery  BATTERY WEIGHT: 3.9kg (8.7lbs) 
    INCLUDED:  Front & Rear Cargo Rack, Front & Rear Fenders, Kickstand, front & rear wheel reflectors, Tool Kit 
    Specifications subject to change 
    iGO bike frames are guaranteed by design and/or material defects for 24 months.  All electronic parts, such as electronic controller, control panel, motor, throttle, and pedal assist sensor, are subject to a 24 month warranty if properly maintained.  The battery is subject to a 18 month warranty if properly maintained.  On parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as tires, chain, chainring, freewheels, sprockets, cables, and brake pads, there is no warranty on these items,unless there are construction and/or material defects. 


    The 500W geared brushless hub motor is extremely quiet and offers great hill climbing ability. It will provide up to 32km/h (20mph) and is more than capable of carrying loads on both the front & rear racks while offering responsive immediate power.


    Batteries are often compared based on capacity - Amp hours (Ah). However, a comparison based on capacity alone does not properly depict a battery since the performance of a battery pack is also based on battery voltage (V). The best way to compare battery performance is by looking at the amount of energy that can be used in watt-hours (Wh). Wh take into account both the capacity of the battery, as well as the average voltage during discharge. Simply put, the higher the V/Ah, the higher Wh range.

    The iGO Elite 2 is powered by a Lithium-ion 18650, 48V battery with 13Ah capacity, supplying a highly satisfying 624Wh of power.


    How far can I travel on my electric bike? The total distance you can travel on your electric bike is not an easy amount to specify. The range depends on many different factors including, but not limited to:

    • Total Weight (weight of the bike + rider + cargo)

    • Resistance (wind, tire pressure, speed, road conditions and altitude)

    • Outside Temperature

    • The level of pedal assistance and throttle usage

    • The condition of the battery (battery capacity decreases as the battery ages)





    Try your new iGO ebike at home for up to 7 days and if not fully satisfied contact us Toll Free at 1-866-996-6686 and we'll take it back giving you a full refund.

    It's that simple.

    We will ask you to repack the bike in it's original box and packaging (with all its contents) and notify us within 7 days that it is ready to go so we can email you a return shipping label. Once we receive the bike a full refund will be issued on your credit card including all shipping.


    Free shipping is available on all iGO bikes and batteries to Canada & USA (not including Alaska or Hawaii)