Here are some common questions that we get asked about our products.
If you have a question that isn't listed, please don't hesitate to contact our support team by chat or email.

Shipping times vary between 2 to 7 business days depending on your location. For specific shipping duration please call iGO customer support at 1-866-996-6686

iGO offers its customers a 7 day at home trial on new bikes.

If you purchase a new bike and decide for any reason to return it, contact iGO electric customer support and we will send you a return authorization and shipping label.

Simply put your iGO bike back into its original box using the original packaging and all contents, and we will handle all the shipping charges at no cost to you.

It’s a no questions asked, no surprises, hassle free trial

If you purchase an open box bike, iGO will also offer you the 7 days try at home demo, but if you should decide to return it, iGO will assume all charges for shipping to and from, but will charge a 15% restocking fee.

All iGO electric bikes will be able to achieve a top speed of 20 mph or 32 Km/hr

Some models are equipped with an off road mode which enabled by a password will achieve a top speed of up to 28 MPH or 45 KM/hr where permitted

Please see specific e-bike specs per model

iGO batteries are designed to offer the rider excellent riding range as standard equipment on all iGO e-bikes

At iGO we equip all our e-bikes with quality cells exclusively from Samsung or LG.

The actual range of your battery depends on certain variables.

You can expect an average range of approximately 40 to 50 miles, or 72 to 80 kilometers of riding using an average amount of throttle and mostly power assist combinations.

Range will depend on throttle use VS power assist on e-bikes equipped with both systems, as well as weight of the rider, and terrain.

Regen breaking works very well in a car’s application but doesn’t offer enough regenerative power in a bicycle application.

Any e-bike built with regen power systems require the use of a direct drive motor. All iGO e-bikes are purposely equipped with geared brushless motors because they provide much more torque compared to direct drive motors. If you ever drove an electric car equipped with regen breaking, you could feel an incredible resistance when regen is engaged as it also functions as a breaking system. A car travels over much more hilly terrain so the effects of going downhill at higher speeds and the effects of the breaking allow for more power to return into the battery.

On an e-bike this resistance mode makes it extremely hard to pedal and since a bike doesn’t travel at automotive speeds, the amount of regen into the battery is currently very low.

A driver’s license is not required for operating an e-bike.  In some territories you must be 16 yrs. of age or older to ride an e-bike, or a helmet might be mandatory but  In most cases an e-bike has the same regulations as a regular bicycle. There are different laws that govern the use of electric bikes per State or Province so please refer to your local territories for more information.

All iGO e-bikes are equipped with electrical components that are water resistant. If you get caught in the rain please allow the bike to dry out before operating. Please do not power wash your bike with a hose or pressure washer.

The Aspire series is available in 2 frame sizes. A small/medium which will accommodate riders from approximately 5 ft tall to 5’8”, and a Medium/Large which will accommodate rider from 5’7 to over 6ft .When fitting a bike there are of course variables such as arm and inseam length which is the reason there is some overlapping on size.

The Discovery Berri is a bike that is made to a 26” tire size and is perfect for anyone of 4’7 or over.

Discovery, and Outland series e-bikes are made to iGO’s unique Ergofit system which allows a rider from 5 ft. tall to over 6 ft. to adjust the bike to an ergonomically perfect ride. The adjustability of these frames make it easy to adjust to just about anyone’s physical differences.

iGO E-bikes are equipped with diagnostic electronics and service tools for an incredible level of built-in serviceability that is unique to iGO electric bikes.

iGO Connect, Standard on all Aspire, Discovery, & Outland series bikes are equipped with an included diagnostic app for your IOS or Android smart phone. This tool will provide all riding functions of the bike on your smart device including a diagnostic system that will identify an issue should one arise.

iGO diagnostic display equipped on Elite ll and Extreme 2.0 will provide diagnostic error codes on the display to identify a need for service.

Discovery, Outland, Elite ll and Extreme 2.0 frames are equipped with iGO’ s new in frame electronics access port which allows anyone to easily access the controller and wiring in seconds.

Plug in components with twist locking weatherproof connectors makes it incredibly easy for anyone to change any electronic component in minutes.

iGO road side assistance included on all iGO e-bikes. Just aim your smart devices camera onto the QR code located on all iGO frames to open our service tool. Information on everything from how to change a flat tire, to how to operate the display is a click away.

iGO has a large list of dealers in your area and expanding constantly throughout North America to service and maintain support of you iGO e-bike. All our e-bikes are equipped with mechanical components from the biggest names in the industry such as Shimano, Sram, Tektro, Maxxis and Schwalbe, available at just about any bike dealer in the world. The controller of your new iGO (Aspire, Discovery, or Outland) is a high quality North American technology, while all batteries are either Samsung or LG.