iGO Connect App

The iGO connect app will allow a greater functionality enhancing the ride experience to any of the iGO connected bike models.


Our new iGO Connect app allows for real insight and true customization of your ride. From automated maintenance and update notifications to custom ride tuning, the app will allow users and dealers to graphically display and diagnose potential system issues, tweak rider profiles and shape the iGO Drive system to their needs.

Current Version:

iGOConnect App 1.1.4

release notes:

- Bug Fixes

iGOConnect App 1.1.3

release notes:

- Roll back process from 'alternative' to 'default' eBike settings now includes a prompt toconfirm that rollback to default settings is intentional (else retain current settings).

- Fix for eBike motor power issues experienced by some users has been resolved inthis release along with other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

To take advantage of the iGO Connect app your bike must have 'Connected Bluetooth Technology' capability*.
This technology was developed and released in 2020 on the following bike models:

Aspire Camillien
Aspire Vendome
Discovery Atwater
Discovery Berri
Discovery Bonaventure
Outland Laurentian
Outland Oka
The Royal

*The 'Connected Bluetooth Technology' is not installed on other 2020 iGO eBikes and is not backwards compatible with models released prior to 2020